Hello engineers!


Our apparel design contest has concluded, and Engineering Student Council is happy to announce that not one, but two designs* will be produced for the College of Engineering!


Congratulations to Raaghav Thirumaligai (design #7) and Abbi Gritt (design #12)! 



Since Raaghav’s design received an unprecedented number of votes, apparel made with their design will be limited edition and available through pre-order only. Apparel made with Abbi’s design will be available for pre-order and purchase at in-person apparel sales. 


We’ll also be producing stickers with designs from Raaghav, Abbi, Sebastian, Zoe, and Tina!


NOTE: There are no guarantees for available inventory at in-person sales; however, pre-orders are guaranteed** to be fulfilled.  


Pre-order form will be released in a few days after we've finalized designs with the winners!


*Designs are subject to modifications at discretion of the original artist and Engineering Student Council to fit onto clothing and other merchandise. 


**If not enough demand is met for a certain type of apparel, Engineering Student Council reserves the right to cancel pre-orders for that item and refund customers appropriately.