Design Contest!

Have an idea for the next College of Engineering apparel line? Here's your chance to make it happen!


1. If you win, you'll receive a FREE hoodie, t-shirt, and sticker with your design printed and a UCSB Bookstore Giftcard.

2. All artists who submit a design will be entered into an applicant-only raffle for a hoodie and t-shirt!

Design criteria:

1. Nothing inappropriate.

2. Design only. Do not submit images that contain clothing.

3. Must include “UCSB“/”UC Santa Barbara”/etc.

4. Must include “College of Engineering”/”Engineering”/etc.

5. Maximum of 3 colors in the design itself.

6. Front or front and back, no preference is given to one or another.

7. This design will be printed onto clothing, not sewn or embroidered. 

8. Think of a design that works for hoodies, short-sleeved t-shirts, and medium-sized stickers.

Enter at

Design Examples!