UCSB ESC is an incorporated non-profit serving as the College of Engineering's sole student government. We are one of the only clubs in the University that exercize complete independence from AS, allowing our officers to handle more responsibilities and gain valuable experience.


Executive Board

ESC members are classified as either general members or officers. At the first meeting of the school year, members vote on who will hold the 8 positions on the Executive Board. Executive Board officers include the President, Internal and External Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Activity Chair, Recruitment Chair, and Tech Chair. Service on the Board affords members lots of upward mobility, with new administrations defining new policy and tackling new problems every year.


Beach day


In addition to internal COE affairs, ESC is responsible for holding many events per year, from beach days to sports and E-sports tournaments and even professional seminars and job fairs. ESC is self-funded, so these events allow members to accrue valuable fundraising experience!



By joining ESC, you will pledge to serve both the COE student body as well as its clubs and administration. You will get to interact with the variety of clubs on campus by voting on Club Grant proposals and collaborating on campus events. You will also distribute ESC Scholarships to students in need and get to meet and talk to alumni through the Donation and Scholarship Funding program. ESC has a variety to offer new members and professional recruiters are always looking to add new leaders to their workforce who have student government in their resumes!

Apply now:

To apply for ESC membership, please fill out this form. Officer elections are held during the first meeting of the school year, pending date. 

Learn more:

You can read our Constitution here and our legal Bylaws here