Current Board Members:


Bryan Jang


3rd Year, Electrical Engineering

During my free time, I enjoy playing badminton (pre quarantine), reading, listening to music, and having worse eyesight than Alvin, Luke, and Wen. Hope to see you around campus once we’re back in-person!


Joy Sanap

Joy Sanap

External Vice President

2nd Year, Mechanical Engineering

I am an aspiring automotive engineer who loves cars and weightlifting. I’m also into finding new and weird songs and genres of music!


Luke Huang

Internal Vice President

2nd Year, Electrical Engineering

I have worse eyesight than Alvin but possibly slightly better than Bryan. I am also the recruitment chair of UCSB TASA and publicity chair of UCSB IEEE. I enjoy making piano covers, drawing, and playing video games! I am a once. Stan Twice


Alvin Tu

Marketing Chair

2nd Year, Computer Engineering

Constantly tired. I have pretty bad eyesight. I like doing martial arts and snowboarding. I used to do volleyball and track. I don’t actually know if these facts are relevant.

Surya Pugal

Surya Pugal

COE Senator + ESC Senate Liaison

3rd Year, Computer Science

I enjoy cooking, taking walks around campus and making terrible jokes (ask at your own expense!). I'm also a big fan of the card game Magic the Gathering and its online counterpart, MTG Arena.


Amy Zhang

Co-Industry Chair

3rd Year, Chemical Engineering

Mostly a Chemistry and Chemical Engineering nerd, but I like playing League of Legends when I don’t have to study. I also have been playing the piano for almost 15 years now, and I am looking forward to being able to use the recreation room in my apartment complex to play the piano again.


Abby Laing

Co-Industry Chair

2nd Year, Chemical Engineering

I am a member of AIChE and a double major in art. Da Vinci is my all-time favorite artist. If you love Harry Potter, we will get along swimmingly. I was born in England, so I will always accept a cup of tea. I love sports especially snowboarding and soccer. I am a huge Liverpool fan, YNWA. If you ever see me out, definitely stop me and say hi!


Wen Jin


1st Year, Chemical Engineering

I am a member of SASE and AIChE, and I love to hike, sleep, scroll through Tiktok, watch Youtube, and watch Netflix. I have perfect eyesight. I am a carat. 

Eliana Petreikis


1st Year, Electrical Engineering

During my free time, I enjoy surfing, hiking, riding my bike to the beach, listening to music, and eating chocolate. I am a violinist, and I love playing Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev but not Mozart.


Ethan Nguyen

Tech Chair

1st Year, Computer Engineering

Whenever I am not sleeping I can be found procrastinating my work, hiking, playing video games, and cooking. I enjoy traveling and exploring new foods and cultures with my friends and love to play volleyball and soccer. Recently I have been interested in Web Design and IOS app development. Say hi if you see me around campus!


Sourish Dutta

General Member

1st Year, Mechanical Engineering

I am a member of ASME, Data Science Club, Indus, and IASB. My hobbies are drawing, cooking, going on bike rides, and watching anime.

Jae Won Kim

General Member

2nd Year, Electrical Engineering

I am an immigrant from Korea so I love eating a lot. I like playing on my guitar and playing video games like Breath of the Wild. I don’t get why everyone here loves avocados. They taste like dense water. 


John Chen

General Member

1st Year, Mechanical Engineering

I am a member of ASME and the Data Science club, but I also love learning how to code, as well. In my free time, I enjoy painting and doing the usual Internet activities. I hope to meet everyone on campus!