Current Board Members:


Bryan Jang


4th Year, Electrical Engineering

During my free time, I enjoy playing badminton (pre quarantine), reading, listening to music, and having worse eyesight than Alvin, Luke, and Wen. Hope to see you around campus once we’re back in-person!


Joy Sanap

Joy Sanap

External Vice President

3rd Year, Mechanical Engineering

I am an aspiring automotive engineer who loves cars and weightlifting. I’m also into finding new and weird songs and genres of music! I have the worst eyesight period.


Luke Huang

Internal Vice President

3rd Year, Electrical Engineering

I have worse eyesight than Alvin but possibly slightly better than Bryan. I was a former officer in UCSB TASA and UCSB IEEE. In my free time, I enjoy making piano covers, drawing, and playing video games! Hope to see you around campus!


Wen Jin


2nd Year, Chemical Engineering

I am a member of SASE and AIChE, and I love to hike, sleep, scroll through Tiktok, watch Youtube, and watch Netflix. I have perfect eyesight. I am a carat. 

Eliana Petreikis


2nd Year, Electrical Engineering

During my free time, I enjoy surfing, hiking, riding my bike to the beach, listening to music, and eating chocolate. I am a violinist, and I love playing Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev but not Mozart.


Alvin Tu

Marketing Chair

3rd Year, Computer Engineering

Constantly tired. I have pretty bad eyesight. I like doing martial arts and snowboarding. I used to do volleyball and track. I don’t actually know if these facts are relevant.


Abby Laing

Industry Chair

3rd Year, Chemical Engineering

I am a member of AIChE and a double major in art. Da Vinci is my all-time favorite artist. If you love Harry Potter, we will get along swimmingly. I was born in England, so I will always accept a cup of tea. I love sports especially snowboarding and soccer. I am a huge Liverpool fan, YNWA. If you ever see me out, definitely stop me and say hi!


Ethan Nguyen

Tech Chair

2nd Year, Computer Engineering

Whenever I am not sleeping I can be found procrastinating my work, hiking, playing video games, and cooking. I enjoy traveling and exploring new foods and cultures with my friends and love to play volleyball and soccer. Recently I have been interested in Web Design and IOS app development. Say hi if you see me around campus!


Cesar Castillo

COE Senator + ESC Senate Liaison

2nd Year, Mechanical Engineering

I’m a member of SAE, ASME, and Los Ingenieros. When I’m not studying, you can find me playing Spikeball somewhere on campus or in IV, watching F1 races early in the morning, or just chilling around Santa Cruz hall where I’m an RA! You’ll also probably find me consuming some sort of caffeinated beverage. Definitely say hello if you see me around :slightly_smiling_face:


Sourish Dutta

General Member

2nd Year, Mechanical Engineering

I am a member of ASME, Data Science Club, Indus, and IASB. My hobbies are drawing, cooking, going on bike rides, and watching anime.


John Chen

General Member

2nd Year, Mechanical Engineering

I am a member of ASME and the Data Science club, but I also love learning how to code, as well. In my free time, I enjoy painting and doing the usual Internet activities. I hope to meet everyone on campus!


Steven Chang

General Member

3rd Year, Computer Engineering

When I’m not studying (or when procrastinating), I like playing guitar, taking photos of friends, and listening to music! On the weekends you can find me waking up at 5 AM to watch F1 races, or at Chipotle racking up points for my free guac!


Brian Shubat

General Member

3rd Year, Electrical Engineering

When I’m not procrastinating(or when studying), I like listening to my roommates play guitar, have photos taken of me, and listen to my roommates sing out of tune! On the weekends you can find me staying up long enough to see my roommates watch F1 races or cooking because adding guac costs money.


Kunyu Li

General Member

2nd Year, Chemical Engineering

In my free time, I like to learn martial arts and paragliding, and I also love cooking and playing video games. Whenever I’m not studying for exams or catching up on due dates, I would love to drive around with no direction at all, windows down, sunglasses on, but mostly ended up playing another round of Apex Legends. 


Nicolas Guglielmin

General Member

2nd Year, Computer Science

I’m a member of UCSB’s Regents’ Scholars Association and IEEE. I enjoy playing guitar and viola, and my music taste includes everything from The National to MF DOOM. I also love soccer— I don’t really game much but I probably spend the most time playing Football Manager, which is high key embarrassing. 


Sandy Pantoja 

General Member

4th Year, Mechanical Engineering 

I’m a member of Oceana Hacks and Engineers Without Borders. In my free time I love getting a good workout out in or spending some time at the beach. Whenever I’m avoiding schoolwork I like to watch TV, but I’m hoping we can start watching live shows and sports games in person soon! I always enjoy trying new foods and traveling.